Playbook Logistics goes to extreme lengths to recycle, as part of our commitment to set a new standard of reverse logistics. This is not only to create cost-efficient solutions by recovering any value on all product parts, but also to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. Our global partners give us the option to even repair some of your items, no matter where your goods are in the world, so you can recover costs while making a positive environmental impact. We also have special programs that help clients with excess inventory, by taking any refurbished items and salvage any parts we can or repair them in efforts to keep these products moving along the supply chain. Disposal is our last solution, we will take all steps to either repair, salvage parts, recycle and resell any working parts to give you the most value for your shipment.
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Every quote from Playbook Logistics comes with more then just a Truck, Rail Container, Ocean Box or Airplane.  Every time we price a shipment our team weighs multiple routes, options and pre confirms availability to ensure that we present the best available option for your company at the time you need it.  Once a shipment is booked Playbook handles everything necessary to ensure that your shipment picks up and delivers on time! 

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