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Moving Precious Cargo, from all over the World

At Playbook we are the providers of Competitive, Secure and Reliable Logistics and Transportation within Canada, the USA and across 125 countries Worldwide.  We provide Cargo and Freight transportation for products of all sizes from single crates, pallets, traditional LTL & LCL, Partial, Half and Full loads by Truck, Rail, Ocean and Air.  There are lots of options when it comes to getting products from A-Z.  To us here at Playbook, it is a sweet science, one that can save your company from Thousands to Millions of dollars per year. 

This is why we love what we do.  Helping companies find better ways to deliver to their customers and clients.  For us, it’s more than logistics, it is the peace of mind that you get each and every time you send anything out.

That’s why we’re here. We can help you understand exactly how your supply chain affects your customers and help you improve in the areas that matter most. Playbook Logistics is a service focused business, that cares about great customer experiences.

Countries Operating In

The Playbook Difference for over the road Truck based Logistics and Transportation

Our Truck based logistics and transportation are built on high tech management, research and our experienced team to improve all aspects of the traditional transport.  Playbook Logistics enhances your probability, reduces your fines and improves your services levels following our strict in house procedures for every load by:

  • Identifying and select the best trucks at the time you need them, from a large pool of thoroughly screened, reliable and high caliber carriers
  • Assign and Verify Carrier, Driver, Truck # and Trailer # and book all necessary appointments
  • Monitor and manage pickup, transit and delivery including tracking twice daily
  • Respond to any delays and exceptions with proactive communication
  • Provide Real solutions as required to recover from delays and breakdowns wherever possible

At Playbook we handle every shipment in the same secure way.  Playbook Logistics equips your company with modern technology and an elite team of professionals to continuously perform up to the growing demands of our economy. As the marketplace is becoming more competitive, we are your reliable partners in keeping you ahead of the competition by efficiently getting your products to your clients as smooth as possible.

Rail Freight Services

Playbook Logistics helps you stay competitive in today’s economic marketplace, by utilizing cutting edge technology to provide fast, efficient and secure railroad transportation options.  When shipping cross country Rail can provide a significant savings and only a modest increase transit time.  Playbook provides LTL, Partial and Full load service by Intermodal rail for 20’, 40’ and 53’ Containers for Dry, Heated and Refrigerated (Fresh and Frozen) as well as Rail Flat Car and Boxcar.  Here are some of our initiatives we take to ensure the most cost efficient, yet environmentally friendly freight solutions:

Fast and Secure Service

Here at Playbook Logistics, we prioritize the highest standards of safety and security of your goods. Therefore we work with the fastest and most secure Railroad providers, that integrate innovative technologies that continue to improve productivity.

Multimodal / Intermodal Transport Solutions

With our vast international network, we are able to provide a range of flexible rail and multimodal transport solutions to ensure the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly pathways. We select to work with rail providers that continue to invest in efficiency, safety and sustainable methods of transport. We continuously invest in strengthening our transportation links to improve intermodal synergies to give you the smoothest experience.

Upgraded Technology

Playbook Logistics builds partnerships with the most advanced technology and infrastructure providers that allow the most efficient rail road transportation, to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. We provide customer focused multimodal services by collaborating with other means of transport to increase consistency, efficiency and real time visibility via more meaningful data exchange and communication.

Proactive Planning

Systems are nothing without the people behind it. At Playbook Logistics, we don’t merely rely on just technology – we also rely on our team’s expertise and ability to proactively plan for any foreseeable circumstances. We account for all factors involving freight capacity, analyzing routes and resolving any operational issues, following market trends closely and providing the most time and cost efficient pathways of delivery.

Ocean Freight Services

Playbook operates in 125 Countries Worldwide and for your international transportation we offer ocean freight logistics door to door. We handle all bookings, paperwork, and shipment tracking from A to Z, all while providing full transparency so you can get notified immediately of any shipment changes. We work with global partners that are an extension of our team, working collaboratively to guarantee successful solutions for your global transporting requirements. Our extensive network gives us insights to local markets, so we can select the most energy, time and cost efficient solutions.

Your cargo is protected and secure as we have a team of experts advising all parties involved and monitoring your goods every step of the way along with our optional live tracking technology.

Playbook Handles the following shipments by Ocean

  • Full container load
  • Less than container load
  • Partial/Half container Load
  • Break bulk
  • Over size Cargo
  • Self propelled Machinery/Vehicles -Roll on Roll Off
  • Full Charter
  • Partial Charter

Discover what the best method of shipping our cargo is by talking with us today. Playbook Logistics helps you play it smart.

Transparency & Real-time Information

For when you need to get your shipments to market quickly either nationally or internationally, timely and reliable delivery is available when shipping by Air.  When shipping with Playbook Logistics, Air Freight is quick, reliable and easy.  We use our strong global coverage, purchasing power and experienced team to monitor, track and resolve any paperwork or other issues that arise in transit to ensure a timely delivery. 

Real Time Tracking

We provide full transparency and real time tracking from A to Z of your shipment, so you can have full peace of mind your goods are safe with us. Our technology monitors temperature, location, security, handling and communicates with our global teams night and day, to ensure timely delivery to its final destination in the condition you intended.

Global Network

Our global partners give us insights to local markets all over the world, so we can continue to deliver your goods in the most efficient ways. We are always aware of flight schedules to make sure we deliver your goods reliably, safely and timely especially during important peak seasons. Our technology enables us to collaborate with our global network in planning and optimizing the best routes, in the most environmentally responsible ways for the best rates on the market.

Efficient & Optimized Routes

Playbook Logistics combines modern technology with a hands on team of experts, to optimize the best routes that accommodate your time sensitive deliveries for the most cost effective solutions. We understand each supply chain has its own special requirements, so we are able to provide custom solutions at the highest level of standards.

Fast, Reliable & Economical

Here at Playbook Logistics, you can trust our air freight solutions specialist team to ship your products as fast as possible, with both direct flight and consolidated options to ensure timely delivery to your final destination. Alongside of our state of the art technology, we have many eyes on your delivery to make sure it arrives on time, without any error. Our global and local knowledge gives us the advantage to provide you with a flexible and diverse range of solutions that enable us to respond quickly and efficiently.

This includes same day delivery at the speed you require, with the option to deliver door to door, and / or airport to airport. Our global network equips us with the resources to combine other multi-mode transportation such as rail, truck and ocean so we can ship as quickly, efficiently and as economically as possible.

Management & Documentation

With international shipping, customs procedures and correct paperwork are critical to the success of your delivery.   We come prepared with international industry customs and documentation experience to cover all aspects of freight management.

Find out how our flexible air freight solutions can tailor to your requirements. Connect with our experts today for a quick quote.

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Every quote from Playbook Logistics comes with more then just a Truck, Rail Container, Ocean Box or Airplane.  Every time we price a shipment our team weighs multiple routes, options and pre confirms availability to ensure that we present the best available option for your company at the time you need it.  Once a shipment is booked Playbook handles everything necessary to ensure that your shipment picks up and delivers on time! 

Every load booked with Playbook Logistics comes with:

Net Zero Emissions / Carbon Neutral

Guaranteed Capacity

Proactive Support 7 days per week

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