Delivery Speed

Business never sleeps. At any time, somewhere in the world, thousands of shipments are on their way to their destination. On a truck, a train, a ship or a plane, one way or another, that shipment needs to arrive on time.

Speed of delivery is critical for any business, and is a significant contributing factor in determining the cost of the shipment. Time is the key – the difference of a day can determine not only the rate, but the vehicle that will be used to to carry the shipment. On top of that, fines for deliveries outside of the scheduled window can add up, fast.

Playbook Logistics understands the complexities of delivery systems, and the time frames required for each method. Not only can they choose a carrier that will get the shipment delivered on time, they can deliver at a competitive rate. They can also provide direction on how to plan shipments and reduce shipping costs.

If it’s a shipment that’s going halfway around the globe, or just halfway around the city, let Playbook Logistics handle it for you. Contact them about your shipments for a quick quote. It’s time to let someone else worry about your logistics, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Local Same Day Delivery

Improve speed of delivery with hundreds of high quality carriers in your backyard. Same day home delivery service and postal injection. Playbook Logistics one of the most efficient same-day express couriers and expedited freight companies in Canada. have access to global networks that allows us to serve you locally and quickly, no matter where you are in the world.

Same Day Transportation

In some circumstances, delivery of some crucial documents, high value items, or important spare parts of a machine can make a major difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied customer. Deliveries of this nature are urgent, and missing these deadlines can lead to lost business. We take extreme measures to make your customers happy and expedite your goods no matter where you need it delivered in the world. Our global networks give us the advantage of tapping to a wide range of solutions and respond quickly. 

Cross docking is also part of our same day delivery strategy, where your goods are not stored at the warehouse and prepared for immediate shipment. To achieve this, we have strong synchronization of all shipment logistics to create a seamless process. Removing storage time can also significantly save you distribution costs. 

An expedited service with a reliable freight logistics company that can meet unexpected timelines, can sometimes make or break your business’ reputation. Let us work for you behind the scenes, making you look like the hero in your customer’s eyes. If you’re in an urgent situation and need same day delivery, Playbook Logistics has your back.


Expediting shipments can sometimes be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Leave it with us! We’ve been doing it for 25 years, so you can feel confident that your shipment is in good hands as you move on with your day. We offer expedited transportation solutions such as: Over-the-road less than truckload (LTL) Over-the-road truckload (TL) Air We work swiftly to get things underway and communicate regularly with updates (via email and/or phone) so you never have to wonder where your shipment is. You can also trace your shipment online using our tracking software. We excel at communication and in an expedited situation, that’s vitally important.

  • Specialized Vehicles (lift gates trucks pallet jacks, hot shots, Tommy gates)
  • Straight Trucks
  • Cargo Vans
  • Sprinter Vans
  • Next Day & Charter Flights


We provide same day, overnight and long haul team service. We can meet your tight deadlines.

Assembly line down, critically low inventory levels, high value products, and sensitive shipments, require a higher level of service. Whatever your critical shipment needs are, Playbook Logistics has the solution. We specialize in same day shipping and overnight delivery of critical sensitive freight across the country and the globe.

Playbook Logistics will work with you to ensure your urgent shipment doesn’t miss a deadline. Our tracking systems and proactive approach to customer service provide you with timely updates about the status of your freight. While unexpected shipping challenges do occur, we are there 24/7/365 to handle any issues that may arise.

We are committed to on-time performance. With our attention to detail, we’ll get your delivery to you when you need it. Our extensive carrier network and experienced operations team work hand in hand, giving you peace of mind on your most critical freight needs.

Red Alarm

In the freight logistics industry, we are used to immediate demands and we are prepared to meet these requirements. Our extensive network of professional carriers allows us to respond quickly and select the most efficient routes to deliver your products as fast as possible. Playbook Logistics selects the most experienced carriers that have the highest industry standards for seamless pick up, transport and delivery due to modern technology, equipment met with old fashioned hard work ethics. We have earned the reputation for providing the most reliable, timely hotshot shipments for competitive prices. Find out how we can be of support for your urgent shipping needs.

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Every quote from Playbook Logistics comes with more then just a Truck, Rail Container, Ocean Box or Airplane.  Every time we price a shipment our team weighs multiple routes, options and pre confirms availability to ensure that we present the best available option for your company at the time you need it.  Once a shipment is booked Playbook handles everything necessary to ensure that your shipment picks up and delivers on time! 

Every load booked with Playbook Logistics comes with:

Net Zero Emissions / Carbon Neutral

Guaranteed Capacity

Proactive Support 7 days per week

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