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Less than Load (LTL) freight shipping occurs when you don’t have enough goods to fill a truck or container on your own. Your items are pooled with other shippers goods and sent off to a given destination, where it is either delivered by some other means, or repacked onto other transportation and shipped to the next destination. It is a cost efficient way of getting your goods a long distance at a better rate, by sharing the shipment with other shippers .

Although it might seem simple, that challegne is in the execution – not all carriers are the same. Some excel in one area, but aren’t as strong in another. Knowing which carrier to use in which situtation is one reason you want Playbook Logistics handling your LTL Freight requirements.

LTL Freight - not all carriers are the same

Playbook has extensive experience in LTL freight shipments of all types. The typical shipment may be for dry goods, but often it’s more complicated.  Shipping food or alcohol has it’s own challenges, not to mention crossing borders. But that’s what Playbook does every day – deal with the little issues of LTL freight shipments. Arranging the shipment is just the beginning, they monitor the progress to ensure it arrives safely and on time. Any problems along the way are dealth with. LTL transport does requires careful monitoring, since it is a shared transport. Let Playbook babysit your shipment, while you look after more imporant parts of your business.

LTL freight - not all shipments are the same

Not all LTL freight shipments are the same. Sharing the load comes in may forms, and each has it’s own challenges and requirements. At Playbook, they have extensive experience dealing with LTL and TL shipments in many industries. So if you are looking for Reefer LTL, Heated LTL, Temperature Controled LTL, LTL Frozen shipping or just standard LTL Trucking, Playbook is the first place you should ask. With their extensive network of LTL Carriers, they will be able to find the best way to get your products where they need to go.

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Every quote from Playbook Logistics comes with more then just a Truck, Rail Container, Ocean Box or Airplane.  Every time we price a shipment our team weighs multiple routes, options and pre confirms availability to ensure that we present the best available option for your company at the time you need it.  Once a shipment is booked Playbook handles everything necessary to ensure that your shipment picks up and delivers on time! 

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