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As your freight forwarding company, Playbook Logistics performs several duties on your behalf to give you full peace of mind. We handle all the paper work, analyze all options, and provide the most cost efficient, environmentally friendly ways to ship your goods. We advise you to connect with our freight forwarding specialists to recommenced the best routes for the most secure, reliable and timely delivery, as we understand every shipment is unique. You or your client may not be aware of all limitations and challenges that are location specific, but we’ve been there and can anticipate it all. For every challenge, we have a solution. Let us make it easy for you. Get in touch with our logistics specialists today.

Procurement Management Process

Playbook Logistics’ procurement management process ensures all orders purchased by external suppliers are secured and carefully monitored. We cover all aspects of procurement management, from the planning stages, to purchasing the products, to controlling and securing your inventory, delivering your products and ensure this is all done in a fashion that is compliant with all inspection regulations.

Playbook Logistics is always on your side, negotiating prices, and aligning purchases with your company’s values. Any waste material such as packaging is always carefully handles to ensure proper disposal.

To create a true impact, procurement management services need to cover a broad spectrum of your company’s needs. Here are some of the areas we focus on:

  • Planning: This identifies your company’s requirements and developing tailored frameworks based on project’s objective, schedule and budgetary parameters, to select the ideal vendors
  • Selection & Collaboration: This stage is crucial for selecting the most reliable, affordable and quality based vendor. Playbook negotiates on your behalf and carefully reviews all proposals to ensure purchases comply with your company’s standards and budget.
  • Administration: We have the expertise and the technology to manage the relationship between you and your vendor. We monitor all aspects of the contract before initiating, and recommend any changes if necessary to best benefit you.
  • Purchasing: In this closing process, it is our job to identify any weakness in the contract with your vendors. These audits protect your business from any challenges with your vendor.

Purchase Order Management

With Playbook Logistics’ Purchase Order Management we ensure that every purchase is absolutely necessary in order to maximize your profit margin and be completely optimized for costs. You receive real time visibility and control of sales processing and transactions.

We equip you with the data analytics that helps guide well informed confident decisions that translates to increased savings and performance. Our cloud based procurement solutions makes sure your purchase orders are always within your budgets, so we can improve value, to increase your return on investment.

Configuration Management

Playbook Logistics’ Configuration Management’s main objective is to improve products’ performance, function and quality throughout its lifespan so you can deliver consistently quality products to your clients.

Our Configuration Management process is carefully assessed, monitored and tracked. Here are some of the cautionary steps we take.

  • Project Quality Management Plan: This involves keeping a strict record, track and control of your products to ensure their quality is preserved.
  • Requirement Identification: We adhere to your any specifications that help protect your assets such as functionality, or storage requirements.
  • Project Scope Assessment: If any changes are applied to the project scope, we respond swiftly by reassessing our configuration management
  • Project Accounting: By keeping a record of our configuration management process, we have the data to analyze for optimization
  • Project Auditing: The purpose of this process is to identify any issues as soon as possible and use this data to future proof any processes in the future.

Transportation Management System

Our Transportation Management System helps all supply chain professionals manage every aspect of their freight and carriers, that helps you scale your business whether you are a small to mid sized business or a larger enterprise.

Playbook Logistics is committed to streamlining the shipping process, by providing valuable insights that optimizes your supply chain and saves you valuable time by providing all critical information in one place.

Our Transportation Management System is built for growth, as it enables you to optimize your shipments, routes, pickups, and improve communication with your supply chain partners. We do this by helping you automate your shipment orders that compares rates and services so you’re making strategic decisions. With our system, you experience improved customer service due to reliable, on time deliveries through our real time tracking abilities. This gives you a predictive edge that allows your business to stay competitive without having to add new capabilities to your business.


In situations when you have under full truck load volume, you at cross roads with whether you should ship for less than truckload (LTL) or wait to fill a full truck load, while risking timely deliveries; this is when Playbook Logistics steps in with freight consolidation services. 

Consolidation shipping  strategy is a cost effective method to move your product in a single shipping trailer / container in which all of its items have a similar destination point. This option is ideal for smaller shipments, in order to avoid higher rates. This way you pay for only the space you use. 

Not only is consolidation cost efficient, but it also reduces the chances of damage because your product does not need to be loaded and off loaded in between transportation, since the products on the trailer share a similar destination. This significantly lowers the risk of damaging your products. 

When certain obstacles come up (weather, political, mechanical in nature), we take control of your products immediately. This is another benefit of consolidation, as it allows us to perform quality control measures at every touch points, to ensure no time is wasted and overcome any foreseeable obstacles. 

You want a dependable consolidator with a proven track record to closely monitor your products, at every stage of the delivery. Playbook Logistics is your consolidator coach, assembling all the right resources and team players in place to succeed a smart play, every time. 

Find out if our consolidation shipping services are right for you.

Multimodal Shipping

With multimodal shipping we provide the perfect combination of different transportation, be it truck, rail, ocean or air to ship your goods on the most optimal routes to their final destination. At Playbook Logistics, you deal with one provider so you don’t have to waste time arranging different transportation modes and hope to synchronize them all to have your goods arrive on time. Our global networks and modern technology already has this synchronization to create a seamless process of delivery. Let us worry about your logistics, so you don’t have to.

Intermodal Shipping

With more options, you gain more shipment flexibility and opens up the opportunity to have your shipment delivered much faster. Intermodal shipping is like multimodal shipping, where multiple modes of transportation are combined, but transport is limited to either trailers or containers (rail, ocean and truck).

With Playbook Logistics, your shipping options are plentiful. This allows us to analyze the best options for your requirements. We can accommodate a variety of shipments from frozen, HAMZAT, high work / highly sensitive and dry items, to name a few. With our intermodal shipping service, security is heightened and risk of loss or damage is no challenge for us. And you do not need to deal with different carriers, that’s on us. All you have to do is tell us where, and we get it there.

Field Installation

Playbook Logistics’ Field Installation Services include:

  • On-site installation, such as consistent system checks, ensuring network connection and online communication
  • Mounting, cabling, and assembly
  • Conduct functionality tests
  • Clear customer instructions and hand-overs
  • Removal/recycling of packaging
  • Returns management and swap
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Every quote from Playbook Logistics comes with more then just a Truck, Rail Container, Ocean Box or Airplane.  Every time we price a shipment our team weighs multiple routes, options and pre confirms availability to ensure that we present the best available option for your company at the time you need it.  Once a shipment is booked Playbook handles everything necessary to ensure that your shipment picks up and delivers on time! 

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