Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

When your customers want to return your products, we understand the challenges that come along with this. This process can eat away from your profit margin if not done right, due to misuse of time, lack of space and resources. We manage all complexities of retain returns, and all the headaches that come with it, to create the most efficient inventory and cost effective solutions for reverse logistics.

We take care of every step of reverse logistics, from offering full visibility and reports all through out the process, inspecting your products, offer customer support in the credit return process, packaging / re-packaging and returning to the vendor for re-stocking.

At Playbook Logistics we make sure we capture the value of all your goods, so that we can continue to move your products along the supply chain.

Processing Returns

Playbook Logistics provides you with all the logistics support when processing returns. We manage process repairs, refurbishment, and end of life products. We also help determine what went wrong to help you take precautionary measures to discover what led to the damage. At the end of the day, what’s important is that your clients have your products in their hands, so we also handle shipment of replaced products. In this process we offer a wide range of support, from troubleshooting service, to on site diagnosis and repairs, and all the logistics that are needed in between.

Salvaging Parts

Here at Playbook Logistics, we are strong advocates of environmentally friendly solutions. If a product cannot be fixed, we don’t consider this garbage. We take it apart and find value for it else where. This is known as parts salvaging, an attempt to reduce our environmental footprint by recycling all possible products. So you can feel good about doing business with us, knowing we minimize the typical pollution involved in shipping.

At Playbook Logistics we make sure we capture the value of all your goods, so that we can continue to move your products along the supply chain.

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Every quote from Playbook Logistics comes with more then just a Truck, Rail Container, Ocean Box or Airplane.  Every time we price a shipment our team weighs multiple routes, options and pre confirms availability to ensure that we present the best available option for your company at the time you need it.  Once a shipment is booked Playbook handles everything necessary to ensure that your shipment picks up and delivers on time! 

Every load booked with Playbook Logistics comes with:

Net Zero Emissions / Carbon Neutral

Guaranteed Capacity

Proactive Support 7 days per week

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