Tracking & Security

Real Time Tracking & Visibility

Playbook Logistics’ competitive advantage is our ability to provide our clients full transparency of all supply chain aspects, that helps us direct our decision based on real time data. We have an eagle view of all transportation conditions from what’s happening on the road, rail, ocean, air to even the conditions within the containers / trailers. Our systems analyze this constant data stream, and our specialized logistics team make calculated decisions to place your goods on the most efficient pathways to get to their final destination. 

Coupled with our international, long term partnerships we have access to world wide carrier independent data as well. This creates synergies in our global freight solutions. This global network opens global resources for the latest sensor technology, massive data centers and intelligent data analytics software. We also know that technology is nothing without the people behind it, so we make a point to hire the best in the industry. We are 100% dedicated to optimizing and maximizing your profit margins, while being conscious of our environmental footprint. 

Our technology helps us locate and sense supply chain blind spots on all methods of transport. Real time carrier independent data is our strong point in making confident decisions to secure your shipment in the most efficient ways possible.

High Value

We take your high value / high risk shipments very seriously, as it requires the highest level of security and protection at every point until it reaches your destination. We take extreme measures to minimize risk of loss and theft, and maximize the safety of your goods. This is achieved by carving out the most optimal delivery routes, implementing security technology with live tracking and visibility, compliance with all security measures during transport and providing secure storage solutions. We offer flexible pricing without compromising the safety of your goods.

Secure Solutions

Whether on a truck, in a warehouse, or at a port, your shipments are vulnerable to theft. Learn how to reduce that risk and keep your valuable cargo safe.

Each year, about $30 billion worth of cargo is lost, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and incidences of cargo theft reached record highs in 2012.

Monetary losses from theft—along with the dangers posed by criminals sneaking illicit materials such as bombs or drugs into containers in transit—make strengthening supply chain vulnerabilities critical. To secure cargo, supply chain professionals employ a multi-layered approach that incorporates the latest technology and fine-tuned basic practices, such as extensive staff training. Meanwhile, federal laws and initiatives work to boost cargo security at the nation’s borders and ports.

Most important to securing the supply chain is continually evaluating areas for improvement. Sometimes, companies aren’t aware of vulnerabilities until thieves strike. Dispatch understands the value of your freight; we can be reached 24/7/365. Our experienced drivers are trained to keep an eye on the temperature and ensure procedures are followed. With satellite tracking on every trailer and geofencing capabilities, you can be sure your truckload shipment is safe with us.

Risk Assessment

More businesses are now entering international trade as a result of globalization. More of a reason why you want to stay competitive in a global economy. Let Playbook Logistics be your competitive advantage. And that comes from having a vast global network that unlocks all the resources to get your products to their final destination safely, efficiently and reliably. 

With international trade come heavier costs. These costs can be significantly reduced with efficient planning, and analyzing data to select the most optimal and practical routes of transportation. So that no matter what you’re transporting, and no matter what length of distance, you can count on Playbook Logistics to look for the most efficient pathways to maintain your profit margins high, but not at the expense of the environment. 

Transporting goods, whether it’s locally, nationally or internationally can be risky business. We make sure to mitigate that risk, by analyzing all data to detect any potential challenges (be it political, environmental or technical) so that we can always respond quickly with alternate safest routes. 

We understand all risks involved, and we have a plan in place for every potential circumstance. As part of our risk management plan, we place the protection of your goods at the highest priority. A well developed, trialed and tested strategy with in depth due diligence creates a seamless international supply chain experience.

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