Ship by Truck - Full Load or LTL Freight

The Playbook Difference in Trucking Logistics

Our trucking logistics systems are built upon research, technology and an experienced team to improve and optimize all aspects of goods shipment. Playbook Logistics enhances profitability and service efficiency by taking the following measures:
  • Identify and delegate the trucks when you need them, from a large pool of well screened, reliable and high caliber of carriers,
  • Assign the best vehicles to meet the demands of your clients,
  • Plan for the most efficient routes to ensure timely delivery of your products in a cost effective manner,
  • Speedy response to any weather, traffic or political circumstances that may impact your delivery.
Playbook Logistics equips your business with modern technology and an elite team of professionals to continuously perform up to the growing demands of the economy. In a highly competitive world, we are your reliable partners in keeping you ahead of the competition by efficiently getting your products to your desination as smoothly as possible.

Truck Freight - International, National or Local

International truck freight often includes other tranportation components, such as rail or even sea. While trucks have more flexibility and can take a container anywhere, rail and ocean are more efficient and cost effective means of transportation. Further, trucks emit more CO2 that rail or ocean freight, second only to air freight. Regardless of the where your shipment needs to be picked up or delivered, Playbook has a network of reliable carriers and in-depth knowledge of customs requirements that can ensure your goods get delivered on time. Longer distances can start with rail, then transfer to truck for the final portion, depending on the delivery speed required. This creates a more cost-effective method of getting your goods to it’s desitnation, and reducing the impact on the environment.

Here’s what you can expect when you have us as your partner: 

  • Efficient, seamless and cost effective transportation with a variety  of vehicle options,
  • Highest safety ratings, sizeable liability and cargo insurance, international certifications,
  • Most optimal routes with the lowest carbon footprints while still providing competitive pricing,
  • A to Z logistics for international shipping by handling all compliance, customs and permits matters,
  • Emergency transportation is provided in case of weather, traffic, political or technical breakdown situations. We have multiple alternative transportation methods on standby to complete the delivery.

Truck Freight - LTL Shipping or FTL Shipping, PLaybook knows the score

What if your shipment isn’t big enought to fill a full truckload? Why not share the space with someone else. LTL freight is a great way to get shipments quickly, and share the cost amoung other shippers at the same time. But not all LTL shippers are alike, so Playbook watches these shipments carefully, following them from start to finish and making sure there’s no problems along the way. And if there is, theya re on top of it, before it’s noticed.

If you are dealing with more than 6 pallets, FTL freight might be a better choice. There’s less concern about someone else’s shipment slowing yours down, less handling of your goods at transit points, and a quicker delivery schedule, since the truck doesn’t have to stop for anyone else’s delivery along the way. FTL is point to point delivery, with nothing in between to slow your goods down.

Contact Playbook for a quick quote on your truck freight needs.

No matter what you need to move – local, national or international – Playbook Logistics can provide you with a quick quote, and peace of mind. They can provide you with many options to move your freight to where it’s needed, and take the worry off your shoulders. Contact Playbook now!

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Every quote from Playbook Logistics comes with more then just a Truck, Rail Container, Ocean Box or Airplane.  Every time we price a shipment our team weighs multiple routes, options and pre confirms availability to ensure that we present the best available option for your company at the time you need it.  Once a shipment is booked Playbook handles everything necessary to ensure that your shipment picks up and delivers on time! 

Every load booked with Playbook Logistics comes with:

Net Zero Emissions / Carbon Neutral

Guaranteed Capacity

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