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The Moving of  Salvador Dali’s “Space Venus” Sculpture

Playbook Logistics facilitated the transportation of  Salvador Dali’s sculpture from Switzerland to Vancouver in 2019.

  • Dali’s “Space Venus” Sculpture sat on display in Vancouver until November of 2020.
  • The pictures show the dismantling of Dali’s “ Space Venus” for transportation to Quebec City, QC
  • After exhibiting in Quebec City, Playbook Logistics arranged the shipping to Adelaide, Australia
  • “Space Venus” is approximately 12 feet / 366 cm. tall with a value of USD. 3 million
  • This is the original sculpture
  • Click here to see the entire moving process




Aside from “Space Venus”, we have also assisted with the tranport of:

  • Woman Aflame” also around 12 feet / 366 cm. similar value USD. 3 million

  • “Surrealist Piano” valued at USD. 1.5 million:

  • “Dalinian Dancer” valued at USD. 1 million

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